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Coding based on a layout done by chiharu_testing.

Tachikoma are Machine Love
Made by animelily

I'm enjoying the company of my husband bluesmobile_440 and we have a baby girl on the way! I work as a home health RN but have experience in critical care (like the CPR and drains and vents and crazy stuff like that). All the Japanese I've learned over the years is slowly fading away. 手伝って下さい!
I also moderate a very small community for people and loved ones with sun-sensitivity such as EPP (erythropoietic protoporphyria) at sun_be_gone, that is pretty much dead I would love if anyone who does have sun-sensitivity issues to feel free give it a bit of new life!

I tend to think I'm pretty easy to get along with. There are a few issues that can get me really riled up though. Gay bashing and people who don't vaccinate their kids. I will be bi until the day that I die, but that doesn't mean I'm not monogamous, mkay? Really. For real. No, I wasn't just experimenting. No, that doesn't mean I'm up for a three way. I JUST GOT MARRIED. No I didn't marry a man because I'm still in the closet or alternatively that I saw the error of my deviant ways. I married him BECAUSE I LOVE HIM!

As for the vaccinations, every scientific study (except for the one study with poor methodology and ethical practices that started this mess in the first place) points that there is zero causative connection between autism and vaccines. When your child is drowning in their own secretions from diphtheria let me know how that autism thing went. I thought we eradicated these diseases! ARG!

There. Soap box over. I am otherwise chill. For real. You can blame the rants on pregnancy hormones.

The best way to reach me by far is by email. MYUSERNAME @ gmail.com. Don't actually use "myusername". Really. Animelily is better.

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